Assassin's Creed 3 already has a number of reported glitches floating around online, and with a little bit of patience or luck you should be able to replicate them for yourself. The full list of currently known glitches is below, but please note that Ubisoft could patch the game at any time and remove any number of the below listed.

Known Glitches[edit]

- Glitching Horse: Sequence 2: Mystery Guest, Mission 2: Johnson's Errand: In this mission, you will run across a group of horses chowing down on some hay to the side. Occasionally the game will run a glitch in which one of the horses is actually stuck inside of the feeding pen, standing on top of the pile of hay. That's a little weird, but weirder still is what happens when you attempt to ride the horse. Mount the horse to make it begin flailing about spastically; in its glitched state, the horse won't be able to get off of the hay bale!

- Glitching Corpses: Sequence 2: Mystery Guest, Mission 2: Johnson's Errand: A little later in the mission, after you use the explosive barrels to take down the gate, you will encounter a ragdoll physics glitch that can, if encountered properly, leave all of the corpses pointing their arms up in the air. Leaving this area can also reveal a floating musket glitch, which leaves the soldier's weapons floating around in midair.

- Disappearing Enemies: Sequence 5: The Day the Templars Cried, Mission 1: A Boorish Man/The Whittler's Weapons: When you find the hanging man, you must try to rescue him as enemies gather about and assault him. Climb up the rocks and fight the enemies. During this sequence, there is a chance that you may be pushed off of the cliff again. If you survive the fall, climb back up the cliffside. When you reach the top, if you have managed to trigger the glitch, you will find all of the enemies attacking the hanging man are now gone.

- Underground Wall Glitch: Overworld: Under the tunnels of Boston you can stumble across a glitching wall, of all things. It is located next to the secret locked roo. Some sort of graphical glitch will cause the wall to appear incomplete.

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