Concept art for the Hidden Secrets pack

The Hidden Secrets DLC pack for Assassin's Creed III takes Connor to many new and exotic places, including the ruins of Maya.


All in all, the pack includes three new single player missions totaling (according to Ubisoft) one hour of gameplay, two single player skins, and three new multiplayer characters.


The Hidden Secrets pack was released piecemeal at launch as pre-order incentives at various retailers.

The pack was released on December 4 for those who purchased the Season Pass, and was released at the turning of the new year for everyone else.

Single Player Missions[edit]

The pack contains the following missions:

Lost Mayan Ruins[edit]

This mission takes Connor deep into the heart of Central America, where a host of ruined Mayan cities holds the key to a new mystery.

Ghost of War[edit]

This mission has Connor chasing down the past in an intense fight for survival.

A Dangerous Secret[edit]

This naval mission has Connor engaging enemies at sea in exchange for a powerful secret.

All three missions offer weapon rewards.


Two single player skins are offered up here.

They are:

Captain of the Aquila Uniform

Colonel Assassin Outfit

Multiplayer Characters[edit]