Chasing Charless Lee:

Starting the Chase[edit]

Begin Chase and sprint towards the LEFT to avoid the full effect of the blast from some powder kegs explosion which will explode to your RIGHT.

Keep sprinting and jumping over open spaces.

When running into soldiers, avoid them by either changing your direction and running to the side, or going into barrel. May require jumping over ledges. See screenshots below for ways in which you can avoid the guards during the chase scene:




Ship Fire Starts[edit]

First Wood Collapse[edit]

After First collapse Wood falls on the right side

Climb the wall on the right up to the two small woodern windows



Then jump to the rope to your left

Second Wood Collapses[edit]

More wood falls

There is a gap between the two flaming sides

Jump over the middle section, between the flaming debris to the left and to the right:


Final Part of Chase[edit]

The rest is just sprinting and jumping over or sliding under obstacles, climbing, and swinging on ropes along the way

When you get to a net blocking your way, use rope near it.

Charles Lee soon jumps through an open wall and swings LEFT, see:


Follow in his steps by jumpomg diagonally straight and left towards the beam

Optional Objectives[edit]

Stay within range of Lee - 50[edit]

For this, try to take the most direct route, except when really needing to avoid guards

If you are getting to far, it will say:

"Warning, Reduce distance to target"

In which case make sure you are closing in on the target and not taking a long way around

Do not shove anyone during the chase[edit]

This should be easy just avoid running through civilians and guards. Climb barrels next to you or jump towards platforms on the side

Do not take any fire damage[edit]

This is inside ship when fire erupts. Use route as suggested earlier in this strategy guide. Don't just chase him in a straight line or you will hit the flames.


Avoid soldiers by running on the barrels next to them or jumping to the side

Plan the chase using the instructions above so that you don't have to constantly look it up while chasing

Reload if you fail optional objectives and want to try again

If there are glitches reload and try again following the guide above to catch Lee in time.

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