Completing the Homestead Quest "Silent Hunter" unlocks the Huntress, Myriam.

Silent Hunter is a Homestead Mission (Huntress) in Assassin's Creed III



Artisan Type[edit]


Unlocks Artisan Level[edit]

Level 1

Unlocks Building[edit]

Davenport Homestead Hunting Cabin

Sequence Available[edit]

Sequence 06

Starting Location[edit]

Near the trail, southwest of Homestead Manor in the Davenport Homestead

How to Start Homestead Huntress Mission[edit]

Talk to Myriam




Reach Myriam's Tree Stand

Kill the Poachers 0/3

Kill the Poachers 0/2

Kill the last Poacher

Return to Achilles


After dropping off Myriam at your manor, follow the marker to reach Myriam's Tree Stand. There will be three targets below. You will be using your Rope Darts. For the first target, hold Y/Triangle while above it to assassinate him. Hang your second target by holding Y/Triangle and Pushing L. Approach the third target from behind, and hold Y/Triangle and pull him toward you to strike him.

There will be two more targets to the south. they are patrolling. Sneak up on them and kill them. Then it will tell you to kill one more Poacher. Go to the green marker. When you find the Poacher, a cinematic triggers. Then return to the Manor to complete this mission.


Myriam: Arrrrrg! Bloody Hell! Can you help me? Arrrrrg!

Connor: Are you alright?

Myriam: What do you think?

Connor: How did this happen?

Myriam: Poachers in the woods. I asked them to leave... this was their answer.

Connor: Come on, we need to get that arm looked at.

Myriam: What of the men who did this?

Connor: They can wait. Your wound cannot. (Carrying her) Will you be able to make it to the house?

Myriam: Yes. I think the ball took only flesh.

Connor: And what is your name?

Myriam: Myriam

Connor: Do you live nearby?

Myriam: Ah, I don't have a home, per se. I took to the frontier when I was a young girl, I made my life out here ever since. Living where the land makes it the easiest.

Connor: Not a common choice for a woman of the Colonies

Myriam: No it's not. But truth be told, it was this, the convent or the brothels. I prefer the open air.

Achilles: Connor, what are you doing?

Connor: Those poachers need to be stopped.

Myriam: Saw the scabs from my hunting blind. Get to that and you shouldn't have any trouble finding them.

Achilles: Use the Rope Dart if you can. Get familiar with it.

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