Assassin's Creed 3 Sequence 2: Johnson's Errand. This mission starts after Haytham leaves the Green Dragon Tavern in Boston

Johnson's Errand is the 2nd mission in Sequence 2 in Assassin's Creed III.

It starts after "The Favor" and leaving the Green Dragon Tavern in the Central District of Boston


Follow Charles Lee up the stairs. Speak with William Johnson then leave the tavern.

Outside, approach Thomas Hickey who is sitting on a fence.

Start by killing the lookout who is just in front and above you. Loot its weapon

There are more guns in the racks if you need.

Engage the targets that are being distracted by Thomas and Charles

Shoot some more guards, including once near the entrance

Then shoot the Powder Kegs near the wall, under the cart. See here for help: Assassin's Creed III: Johnson's Errand Shoot Powder Kegs

Enter the Fort and get the Stolen Chest

Kill the bandits that show up. Leave the fort with the chest. Loot one of the bodies on the way.

Defend Lee and Hickey. Be sure to keep them over 50% health so to complete the optional objective.

Stay close to Lee and Hickey. If you wander too far, you get the message: "WARNING: Remain in the area"

Shoot guards that are standing on the roofs of the houses. If the bandits don't fall down from the roof, climb up there to loot their bodies.

Once you defeat all the mercenaries, go to the green objective marker to complete the mission and leave the area.

This will complete the memory, "Johnson's Errand"


Follow Charles Lee

Kill mercenaries using firearms - 0/10 (Optional Objective)

Shoot a guard at the Fort's entrance

Shoot the Powder Kegs (If you are having problems with this step, see here: Assassin's Creed III: Johnson's Errand Shoot Powder Kegs)

Retrieve the Stolen Chest

Kill the ambushers

Loot a body

Defend Lee and Hickey

Do not let Hickey or Lee lose more than half their health (Optional Objective)

Shoot the remaining guards on the roof

Head to the marker

Previous Mission[edit]

Welcome to Boston

Next Mission[edit]

The Surgeon

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