You must climb up some very high rocky cliffs to reach some flowers for Norris to give to Myriam.

Norris Goes Courting is a Homestead Mission (Miner) in Assassin's Creed III



Artisan Type[edit]


Unlocks Artisan Level[edit]

Level 2

Unlock Message[edit]

Copper Ore and other items are now available from Norris


Davenport Homestead Mines

Sequence Available[edit]

Sequence 07

Starting Location[edit]

Davenport Homestead - on the river, southwest part of the map. See map below for help.

How to Start Homestead Miner Mission[edit]

Talk to Norris




Talk to Prudence

Climb the cliffs and pick the flowers.

Bring the flowers to Norris


After speaking to Norris, go talk to Prudence outside her farm. Then you need to go go the cliffs and pick some flowers. The area is marked with a green waypoint but is a bit hard to get to, and there are Wolves on the way so be prepared, have a bow or pistol ready preferably.

How to reach the flowers on the cliff[edit]

1) Arrive at the following cliff wall and climb it:


2) Next, cross the wooden log and jump up to hang on the cliff wall:


3) Climb upwards to the area with green bushes, and slide left:


4) Next, slide down and to the left twice:


5) Climb up towards the green trees, slide left if you can't reach the platform:


6) Jump to the other side of the cliff, towards the green marker:


7) Climb up the cliff as seen in the screenshot below:


8) Finally, you can get the pink/purple flowers on the ground:


9) To get down fast, just glide down from the log:


10) Head back to Norris and give him the flowers.


Mission Start[edit]

Norris: You know Myriam?

Connor: Of course

Norris: What does she like? I want to give her a gift.

Connor: I really do not know.

Norris: Let me call on Prudence. She may be of service.

Talking to Prudence[edit]

Prudence: Good day Connor

Connor: Norris is trying to - court... a woman. What do- you- women, like... in terms of gifts?

Prudence: A nice bunch of wild flowers always brightens my day. Who is it Norris fancies?

Connor: Best not say for now

Prudence: Fair enough. Best ones are atop the bluff to the North West. A bit tricky to get to but they grow large and healthy in the full sun.

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