Myriam broke her knife, and could use a new one. Maybe that's what Norris should give her as a gift, instead of flowers?

Norris Tries Again is a Homestead Mission (Miner) in Assassin's Creed III



Artisan Type[edit]


Unlocks Artisan Level[edit]

Level 3

Unlock Message[edit]

Lead Ore and Sulfur are now available from Norris


Davenport Homestead Mines

Sequence Available[edit]

Sequence 07

Starting Location[edit]

Norris's House - See map below for help.

How to Start Homestead Miner Mission[edit]

Talk to Norris




Don't get caught while looking for the perfect gift idea

Go tell Norris about your discovery.


After talking to Norris, a green circle will lead you to Myriam's Hunting Cabin. You need to spy on Myriam without being caught. If she does suspect you, she will ask "Can I help you Connor? Is this something to do with Norris?" a 15 second timer shows up and you must run outside the green zone before the timer runs out. A good way to tail her is to approach the house from the west and hide behind the corner, waiting for Myriam to walk south. She should then go and sit down with her back turn to you, at which point you will go through the stalking zone and analyze the clue on the ground (There will be a White magnifying glass icon above it).

The clue is a Broken Knife, from which you figure that Myriam could really use a new knife. Return to Norris and let him know what you found out.


Mission Start[edit]

Norris: She hated them! Bad news, she did not like the flowers. She tossed them aside.

Connor: But Prudence was certain

Norris: I knew Myriam is not the type for flowers

Connor: I will uncover this mystery myself, Norris

Norris: Alright, but please don't let her see you. She will think I'm bizarre

After coming back from Spying on Myriam[edit]

Connor: Norris. I looked around her camp and it seems she needs a new hunting knife. The one she is using has seen better days.

Norris: Oui, that seems more right for her. I'll think on it. Merci.

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