A Midnight Engagement

Optional Objective[edit]

Limit environmental damage to 25%


Chase and take out The Greyhound

Recommended Upgrades[edit]

Wooden Hull Reinforcement

Iron Hull Reinforcement

Extra Cannon

Improved Rudder

Naval Ram

Grape Shot

Heat Shot

Piercing Round


When you find The Greyhound she is running into a gauntlet of rocks. You can either directly chase after her or break off to the right. Aim to left from there and you can get at least 2 broadsides in on the greyhound. With the Extra cannon upgrade that will be enough that you can take her down before she gets to her fleet.

If the Greyhound makes it to the fleet, you have it and 4 Schooners to deal with. Still, direct hits with a Broadside is devastating.

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