This page contains all the locations of the Naval Missions.

The Naval Contracts become available after you complete Sequence 5.

For each mission you complete on a given trade route, you reduce the risk by 25%.

Click on a mission or Contract below to see location and walkthrough.

Saint-Augustine Contracts[edit]

Henderson in Distress

Paving the Way

Dread of Night

Louisbourg Contracts[edit]

Complete Sequence 6, and all 3 Saint-Augustine Contracts

Troubled Waters

Raiding the Prospector

One of a Kind

The Bahamas[edit]

Complete Sequence 7

Blistering Dawn

A Call for Help

Search for the Somerset

Virgin Island Contracts[edit]

Complete Sequence 8 and all 3 Bahamas Contracts

The Sea Wolves

A Midnight Engagement

The Giant and the Storm

DLC Contracts[edit]

Complete Sequence 5

Sinking a Secret

The Ghost War, Act 1

The Ghost War, Act 2

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