Talk to Charles Lee and William Johnson again in this segment called "Next on the List"

"Next on the List" is a short interlude between the memories "Johnson's Errand" and "The Surgeon" in Sequence 2.

Talk to Charles Lee in the Green Dragon Tavern after completing Johnson's Errand

There will be a cutscene where you talk to William Johnson and Thomas Hickey

After the cutscene, exit the tavern to start The Surgeon


William Johnson: Evening, Gentleman

Thomas: (Burps)

Charles: Charming

Haytham Kenway: Ohh peace, Charles! He'll grow on you

Thomas: Oi, Catherine ya fussock! Git back here! Daddy needs a drink!

Haytham: How fares the search?

William: Maths and maps are not cutting it.

Haytham: What of your local contacts?

William: We'll need to earn their trust before they'll share what they know.

Thomas: I've an idea on how we might be effectin' that. There's a man who's taken to enslavin' natives. Rescue 'em and they;ll owe us.

Haytham: Do you know where they're being held?

Thomas: 'Fraid not

Charles: Benjamin Church will. He's a finder and a fixer. He's also on your list

Haytham: And there I was, wondering whom I might solicit next. Well done.