Completing the Homestead Quest "Finding his Flock" unlocks the Priest and this church.

Finding his Flock is a Homestead Mission (Priest) in Assassin's Creed III


Father Timothy

Artisan Type[edit]


Unlocks Artisan Level[edit]

Level 1

Unlocks Building[edit]

Davenport Homestead Church

Sequence Available[edit]

Sequence 09

Starting Location[edit]

Mile's End Inn in the Davenport Homestead

How to Start Homestead Priest Mission[edit]

Go to the Mile's End Inn and there will be a cutscene.




Raise 1000 Pounds to build a Church


This mission is very easy. Talk to Father Timothy after the cutscene and give him 1,000 Pounds to complete this Homestead Priest Mission


Father Timothy: (Walks into inn): Excuse me, might I impose upon the kindness in your heart to give bed and board to a weary traveler?

Oliver: Oh, Traveler from where?

Father Timothy: Across an ocean. London

Drunk Patron: English? (laughing)

Father Timothy: Rest assured, I'm not the King's man. (turns to Corrine) A great kindness. Bless You.

Patron: We worked hard for what we have, old man. What is it you do exactly?

Father Timothy: I wish to provide god for those who seek his salvation, not spoon feed his words for those who already have their own. An oblique not shared by the monarchy.

Patron: But lord knows some of us have things to confess

Corrine: Ollie and I have been missing our Sunday Mass

Patron: I'd like to read the bible. I'm sure if we all pitched in we could build a church, if you'd be our pastor. Connor?

Connor: Welcome minister...

Timothy: Father. Father Timothy. The sun shines upon us, always. This will build a fine place of worship. I am most grateful

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