Find the Bolt of Silk for Ellen. Completing the Homestead Quest "Silk Errand" unlocks Level 2 Tailor, Ellen.

Silk Errand is a Homestead Mission (Tailor) in Assassin's Creed III



Artisan Type[edit]


Unlocks Artisan Level[edit]

Level 2

Unlock Message[edit]

Ellen can now craft higher quality goods.


Davenport Homestead - Ellen's House

Sequence Available[edit]

Sequence 09

Starting Location[edit]

Ellen's House

How to Start Homestead Tailor Mission[edit]

Talk to Ellen outside her House in the Homestead




You need to retrieve the silk Ellen left at her old storefront


Retrieve Ellen's fine silk in New York

Analyze the empty crate.

Get the Bolt of Silk

Return the Silk to Ellen.


Fast Travel to New York after speaking with Ellen outside her House. Then, go towards the green waypoint marker, which should be 300m or so away. Quincent is there, and runs away when he sees you. You need to analyze the empty crate. Use your Eagle Vision and interact with clues in the area to analyze them. There will be a short cinematic showing Quincent throwing the bolt over the fence. Find the empty crate on the other side of the wooden fence. There should be a green search area marked on your map and radar telling you where to look, so search for it and get the Bolt of Fine Silk. Pickup the object once you find it.

Fast travel back to the Homestead and Return the Silk to Ellen.


Once you are done with this mission you should craft a Twin Holsters


Mission Start[edit]

Ellen: Good day, Connor. I left some bolts of fine silk in my old home. They are very valuable but I don't think it's wise I return there. Someone might wind up dead. I was hoping you could retrieve them for me if you have time.

After finding the Bolts of Silk[edit]

Connor: I found your Bolts

Ellen: Wonderful. I hope it wasn't too much trouble

Connor: Your husband was there, speaking ill of you. He ran off when he saw me

Ellen: Oh my, that dirty old bastard of a man. Would do something like that. At least you were able to come away with the only thing of value that remained there. Thank you Connor.

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