The Hard Way

Connor has more training to go through. Achilles is now putting him in charge of the vessel: The Aquila. Here Connor will learn about the sea and how to handle a ship. This is the final mission of Sequence 5

Optional Objectives[edit]

Take no damage before reaching Martha's Vineyard

Use the swivel guns to destroy two ships

Successfully brace during an attack on three occasions.


Take the helm

Sail through the channel

Dock at the pier

Take the helm

Sail to the shipwreck

Fire at the rear of the wreck

Fire a broadside at the front of the wreck

Fire swivels at the powder kegs

Return to the Homestead

Destroy the British Patrol


Head over to the marked cabin nearby the bay in the Davenport Homestead. There you not only encounter a ranting old man but the captain of the The Aquila. Talk with Mr. Faulkner after the cutscene on the dock to start things off properly and on the way toward the next mission.

Previous Mission[edit]

River Rescue

Next Mission[edit]

November 15, 2012

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