This page will have a guide to the treasure map you find in Ambergris Key in Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag

Note: Visit the Tavern in Corozal to reveal the location of this treasure map.

Treasure Map Location[edit]

The treasure map itself can be found on a cadaver in the end of a hallway in Ambergris Key, at coordinates (58,184):

Ambergiskeycadavermap.jpg Ambergiskeyhallway.jpg

(note: Diving Bell required)

Treasure Map Tool[edit]

This is the treasure map you find:


Coordinates indicate (307,195).

Note that the treasure chest itself is NOT located in Ambergris Key (where you got the treasure map from), but rather in Misteriosa:


Dig Site Location[edit]

Set a custom marker here, at coordinates 301,202:


Locate the place with the water coming out of the stone statue's mouth and dig there. See screenshots below to help you find dig location:

Misteriosabrueidtreasure1loc.jpg Misteriosaburiedtreasure2loc.jpg

Reward is 3,000 Reales and Elite Heavy Shot design plans