This page will have a guide to the treasure map you find in Anotto Bay in Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag

Treasure Map Location[edit]

The treasure map itself can be found in Anotto Bay, at coordinates (622,270), on a wooden platform:

Anottobaytreasuremapmap.jpg Anottobaycadaverac4bf.jpg

Note: You need the Diving Bell to get to the cadaver location

Treasure Map Tool[edit]

This is the treasure map you find:


Coordinates indicate (992,422).

Note that the treasure chest itself is NOT located in Anotto Bay (where you got the treasure map from), but rather in Principe:


Dig Site Location[edit]

Note: Principe does not unlock until after the sequence 9 memory, Trust is Earned

Set a custom marker around this location at the NW side of the area:


Face these four cannons:


Turn right, and go straight along the wall until you reach a wooden face. Then turn left, and go to the edge, near the corner of a stone tower, dig location is there. See screenshots below to help you find the buried chest:

Ac4bfprincipeburiedchest3.jpg Ac4bfprincipeburiedchest2.jpg Ac4bfprincipeburiedchest1.jpg

Reward is 4,000 Reales

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