An assassination contract in AC4 Black Flag

Assassination contracts are side missions in Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag.

These missions provide the player with a specific target or group of targets, and task him with eliminating the target.

How the player eliminates the targets is typically up to them, although it can sometimes be specified as part of the contract or offered as an additional reward for killing the enemy in a certain way.

Targets for assassination can be located on islands, in port towns, or even on ships sailing the Caribbean.

For completing all of the contracts, you will receive the Pistol Swords for Edward

General Tips[edit]

It is best to wait to have the blow pipe to start tackling the Assassin Contracts. Still, most can be completed without it just it results in an increase in difficulty. You get a base Reward of 1,000 R with a bonus if you do not trigger open conflict.


The Plantation Master

The Guard Post

The Slave Traders

The Judge

The Weapons Smugglers

The British Captain

Beach Bonfire

A Shipment of Powder

The Spanish Commander

Unlicensed Dealer

No More Taxes

A Botched Escape

The Pirate Captain

The Outlaws

Tomb Raiders

A Last Drink For the Road


The Unworthy Brother

The Poachers

The Deserter

The Twin Dilemma

The Dreaded Pirate

The Expedition

The Slave Master

A Slaver's Business

The Informant

The Treasure Hunter

Shady Business

The Smuggler's Squat

The Outlaw's Cave

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