Attack the Templar fleet

"Attack the Templar fleet" is a mission objective in Freedom Cry in The Calm Before The Storm


There are 4 Ships shown to the East of where Adewale's ship starts. If you are after the optional objectives then use the Spyglass at a distance to locate the Admiral's ship and mark it. Move in and engage the fleet. Adewale's ship is of a fair make. It is not of the same caliber as a Fully upgraded Jackdaw. Still, it should be enough to handle what is coming at you.

Quickly work to disable the Man O' War. Leading the attack with a mortar barrage is a good idea for the damage it can inflict to the fleet as a whole if aimed amongst them. Otherwise just focus on the Man O' War with it. Careful usage of your mortar can get heavy damage in on the Man O War before it can start doing much to you. Move in for broadsides and heavy shot. Follow each up with the maximum number of Swivel shots. This will make your life a lot easier as it will very steadily chip away at the opposing ship's health.

Next Objective[edit]

Board or sink the Templar Admiral's ship

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