This page will have a guide to the treasure map you find in Cape Bonavista in Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag

This is most likely the first treasure map you will find in AC4

Treasure Map Location[edit]

The treasure map itself can be found in a Cadaver at the eastern shore of the island, close to where you rescued the English merchant:

Ac4bfcbtreasuremaploc.jpg Ac4cbcadavertrmap.jpg

Treasure Map Tool[edit]

This is the treasure map you find:


Coordinates indicate (179,593) which are just the coordinates for Cape Bonavista. The Red X marks the spot where you should dig

Dig Site Location[edit]

Set a custom marker a little to the west, where you see a small patch of clear white in the map:


This will lead you to a cave, see below for a screenshot of the entrance so that you can recognize it:


Enter the cave and find the spot below where there are two big rocks sticking out from the ground, then you should get the option to dig. If you cant find it just walk all around that cave until you see the option:


Dig the treasure out you should get the elite plan for your mortars


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