This page contains a guide to the treasure map you find in Cayman Sound in Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag

Treasure Map Location[edit]

The treasure map itself can be found in a Cadaver at the northeast part of the island, at coordinates (335,335):

Ac4bfcaymansoundcadavermap.jpg Cadavercaymansoundac4bf.jpg

Treasure Map Tool[edit]

This is the treasure map you find:


Coordinates indicate (901,263).

Note that the treasure chest itself is NOT located on Cayman Sound (where you got the treasure map from), but rather in Petite Caverne

Dig Site Location[edit]

Go to Petite Caverne at coordinates (901,263)

The dig site is at the southwest edge of the cave, at coordinates (894,260)

Petitecavernediglocationmap.jpg Petitecavernediglocationac4bf.jpg

Loot: The treasure chest contains money and plans for elite heavy shot storage.

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