Clear the caves

"Clear the caves" is a mission objective in Sequence 10 / Memory 03: The Observatory


  • Remember to loot the fallen bodies of the guardians to keep up your supply of Sleep and Berserk Darts

Head to the Southeast to start toward the caves. Run along the path there and toward the next marker. There is not much to worry about until you are almost there. When you make it out to the beach, take a moment to visit the Viewpoint and collect the nearby chests. After that go to the South through the opening the rock where the water is flowing into the ocean. head through the opening and up the slope.

As you near the top of the slope, use Eagle Vision. There are 3 Guardians in close vivacity to the top of it, with one of them sitting with their back to Edward. Move up on the one sitting on the ledge first. Slip up behind him using the Stalking Zone and whistle at him to lure him over. Knock him out then look across the way. Wait for the patrolling Guardian to head toward you and then tag him with a Sleep Dart. Follow up by tagging the second Guardian over there with one as well. Knock them both out then look to the East. There is a Guardian who patrols across the top of the cave using the beams. Wait for him to be on the same side as you then tag him with a Sleep Dart and knock him out. Go the edge of the cliff you are on. There are 3 Guardians below you. One patrols close to the entrance of the area, to the Northwest. Start with him for an Aerial Knockout. After that go for the pair to the Southeast that are fishing. Just hit them with Sleep Darts. Head back to the entrance and make your back to the ledge you set into the 3 below from.

Go across the beam and use Eagle Vision to find the 2 Sniper Guardians. You will want to hit them both with Sleep Darts. Cross over to the far side in the upper cave. Take out the first of the patrolling Guardians here then go on through the opening to the West. There is a Guardian sitting by a fire. Move in and take him down. Loot the nearby chest as well. Head to the Southeast and deal with the second patrolling Guardian. Look down in the Northern portion of the Lower section of the cave. You will find another Guardian below. Take him out. Look to the Southeast and climb up the slope there.

Duck into the Stalking Zone at the top of the slope. Look to the West and you will likely see the next Guardian you need to deal with. If he is moving away from you then head into the next Stalking Zone close to where he was. Knock him out with a Sleep Dart or just rush him and knock him out.

Next Objective[edit]

Clear the last jungle

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