Sneak to the fort lockup

"Sneak to the fort lockup" is a mission objective in Sequence 2 / Memory 02:... And My Sugar?


Head over to the Eastern side of the fort. There you will find the piers have a number of pylons sticking out the water that you can use to sneak over to the fort. Keep close to the wall to avoid being seen by the patrolling Gunners above. When you make it over to the door, take up position at the corner. Wait for the guard to come out to you. Take him down with a corner assassination.

Head inside now and go around the corner to the right. Take down the next Soldier who is there. Head on up the stairs after that. Go to the North and head on out of the window.

outside you need to climb on up and make it to the ramparts above. Head over to the second outcropping, climb up on the wall on the left then make your way a bit more forward. Now climb on up to the break in the wall and wait for the Soldier to come to you. Perform a ledge assassination on him then climb on up when the other soldiers are looking away (If you are having some trouble with this, use Eagle Vision to mark the Soldiers so you can see their facings). Dart across to the hay stack. Once again, when they look away, dash over to the marked door and go inside.

Note: IF the soldiers spot you, then while you are in conflict, you will not be able to open the door. Either kill the enemies that saw you (if there are not too many), or leave the area and hide then sneak back, before attempting to interact with the door again.

Next objective[edit]

Meet Stede Bonnet