Tail the Guards

"Tail the Guards" is a mission objective in Sequence 2 / Memory 02:... And My Sugar?


Follow the 2 guards as they walk on through the streets. If you want an easy time of it, be sure to hire a group of dancers at the start. This fulfills the one optional objective and ensures that Edward stays hidden even when walking in the middle of the street.

Follow the guards from the pier and over to the left. Just watch them as they head between the buildings. Go around them to avoid losing dancers to distracting the guards there. You will hear your targets talking about money owed for slaves that someone bought and something about a hanging that they are running behind for. When they jump over the wall, they will start running. Take to the rooftops and chase after them to have an easier time of it. Remember to always keep track of where they are so you can see them on screen.

While they are running, you do not need to worry about them noticing you. This will lead you to an eavesdropping.

Next Objective[edit]

Eavesdrop on the conversation