Find and Talk to Markos is an objective in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey (ACO).



  • With some armor and a weapon equipped, it is time for the player to go and find Markos to find out just how he has managed to acquire a vineyard.
  • Travel to the marked location.
  • Once you are within 150 meters, you will be prompted to use Ikaros to hunt for Markos.
  • You are likely to him toward the top of Markos's Vineyard.
  • Head to the marker at the top of the Vineyard.
  • Simply approach Markos to trigger a cutscene.
  • Talk with Markos to learn more about Duris, who Markos is sending you to so you can collect the money that Markos owes you.
  • You will be headed to Sami to find him, and preferably either get the money from him or steal it.
  • Alexios or Kassandra will then be taken to the stable.
  • Talk with Markos to learn a little about each horse, if desired, then choose 1 of them.
  • On the left is the Skyros, very good on the mountains.
  • In the middle is from Thessalonia, bred for its courage.
  • On the right is the Makedonian, a horse bred for battle.
  • Make your choice, though expect Markos to fret about the choice regardless.
  • Just after that, a farmer will come up and tell Markos that Phoibe has been taken by the Cyclops.


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