Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Find the eye of the Cyclops's Lair - An Eye for an Eye

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Find the eye of the Cyclops's Lair is an objective in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey (ACOD).



  • Begin by traveling to the Northwest from Markos's Vineyard.
  • Head to the Central portion of the Cursed Calley of Pali, where you will enter into the search area for the mission.
  • Getting close will prompt you to use Ikaros to search.
  • You will approach the Bandit Camp, Cyclops's Lair.
  • As you get closer, you will want to keep to the rocks that mark the edge of the camp.
  • Move along them to the North, so you reach the building in this section of the Camp.

  • Approach the building on the Eastern side to have the easiest time getting with only 3 guards to deal with.
  • If needed, wait until nightfall, or dusk, to begin any actual progress toward searching for the Eye itself.
  • Once you make it to the Eastern side of the building, sneak down the rocks while the bandits are away and hide in the bushes at the base of the cliff.
  • Take out at least 2 of the Bandits and then go to the Northern side of the building.
  • Head on through the open doorway to get inside the building.
  • Collect the loot that can be found inside this room of the building.
  • Head into the second room to the South.
  • This room will give you access to the central area of the building.
  • Go to the Western door in this room, be sure to use Ikoras to find and mark the 3-5 bandits that are in this central courtyard.
  • Step outside the room when the bandits are looking away.
  • Turn to the South, going over the railing and into the next doorway next to you.
  • Inside this room, sneak out of sight from the doorway for a moment.
  • Once again, wait for the Bandits to be looking away from the room you are now in.
  • If spotted, be sure to duck out of sight from the doorway.
  • Be sure to take out any Bandits that go into the room where you are.
  • Any Captain will simply stand and observe, and will not investigate a whistling.
  • As long as the Captain or a bandit is not looking, turn to the Northern side of this room.
  • You will find the Obsidian Eye you were sent after here.