Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Kill the bandits inside the cave - Hungry Gods

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Kill the bandits inside the cave is an objective in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey (ACO).



  • Hide in the nearby tall grass from the torch and wait for the Bandit to be close to you.
  • Pounce on them from the tall grass, getting a Stealth Assassination.
  • Go to the North from there and climb up the wall to your right (the East).
  • This will lead to a raised area where you can see another Bandit.
  • Sneak up behind them and get them with a Stealth Assassination.
  • On the Northeastern edge of the platform, you can see a chest that you can loot.
  • This has the Quest Item, "Stolen Offerings", that you will need.
  • Continue to the East and onto the ledge there.
  • Look to the Southwest, into the area below you.
  • You will see a pair of Bandits down there that you will need to eliminate.
  • First though, head off the ledge and continue to the East.
  • Just ahead of you is another Bandit.
  • Use the tall grass as cover to sneak up and eliminate this Bandit.
  • Sneak back to the West and to the small camp site.
  • The final bandits await you.
  • One is likely patrolling around the fire, use that to your advantage to quickly sneak up on and wound him.
  • There is a good chance this will be the Leader, Iphiklos.
  • Likely killing Iphiklos will reveal the remaining bandits inside the cave.
  • Either directly engage them or sneak up on each and assassinate them.


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