Assassin's Creed Origins: Defeat Diovicos and Viridovix - The Crocodile's Jaws

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Defeat Diovicos and Viridovix is an objective in Assassin's Creed: Origins (ACO).



  • Bayek and Kensa, now face Viridovix and Diovicos.
  • As much as possible, focus on one brother at a time, but be sure to deal damage to both of them.
  • Dodge their attacks and dart out of the way of their telegraphed attacks.
  • Each has a bit of a wind up, Viridovix's scythe will flash when he uses a charged attack.
  • Viridovix will occasionally spin his scythe around himself to force you back.

  • Diovicos tends to yell and thump his chest.
  • Diovicos will do a 3-4 hit combo if he gets in close from a normal attack.
  • Dodge immediately if you see him leaping at you to avoid a heavily damaging attack.
  • He can also pick up Bayek and throw him, doing some damage.
  • Diovicos can use a stomp kick to break Bayek's guard if he is in close enough.
  • When one brother goes down, the other will approach them and try to revive them, taking a knee next to them.
  • Immediately rush in and start attacking to avoid the second brother rejoining the fight.
  • This is a great chance to use an adrenaline attack for heavy damage or simply a charge attack for heavy damage and to stop one brother from reviving the other.
  • Bayek will interrogate the fallen brothers after the murder of Shadya after that, revealing his true intentions to Kensa.
  • This will also reveal that the Crocodile is Berenike.