Assassin's Creed Origins: Find and Rescue Damastes at Kanaopos Harbor - Egypt's Medjay

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Find and Rescue Damastes at Kanaopos Harbor is an objective in Assassin's Creed: Origins (ACO).



  • Activate your view with Senu and look to the harbor South of the lighthouse.
  • Make your way to the South and to the harbor that Senu helped you locate, Menelaite Trireme.
  • Once there, you will need to sneak into the harbor area and deal with the all the guards.
  • Approach the restricted zone from the Southwest, hiding in the bushes nearby the lone guard at the Western entrance.
  • Whistle to get that guard's attention and lure them over to you.
  • Perform a take down on them to eliminate them.
  • From the bushes, you a bow to eliminate the next nearby Soldier.
  • Stay around here and look to the Northeast toward the nearby ship.
  • There is another Soldier you want to eliminate in this section to help maintain your stealth.
  • Head into the bushes to the East, past the tent.
  • From there, you can whistle or duck out of cover to lure nearby Soldiers and Captains to you.
  • Clear them out of the area and then head toward the captive.
  • Look to the East and eliminate the soldiers in that area to make the next section easier.
  • Climb up onto the dock itself and approach the cell.
  • Open it up to release Damastes.


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