Assassin's Creed Origins: Find and rescue Hotephes' servant - The Crocodile's Scales

From Orcz
Find and rescue Hotephes' servant is an objective in Assassin's Creed: Origins (ACO).



  • Descend back to ground level and summon your mount.
  • You will need to make your way over to the nearby military camp.
  • Head to the East and follow along the road.
  • This will bring to Beached Trireme Camp.
  • Approach the camp from the Western side, so you are above the guard nearby the servant you need to rescue.
  • Air Assassinate the guard and then move their body into the nearby bushes.
  • At a minimum, you will want to head to the South and eliminate the 2 soldiers guarding the exit there.
  • Slip behind the guards while they are looking South and eliminate them one at a time.
  • Now, head back to where you dropped in and go over to the cage.
  • Carry with the man inside after opening the door.
  • With him in tow, head outside the Beached Trireme Camp.
  • Carry him along the beach outside the camp until you are safely out of the camp.
  • Set him down on the ground to continue.


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