Kill Khaliset is an objective in Assassin's Creed: Origins (ACO).



  • Turn to face away from the glowing pillar, it is time to leave this tomb and hunt the member of the Order of Ancients.
  • Run straight out, going for the stairs at the far end of the chamber.
  • This will lead you to a scarab covered wall.
  • Push against it to open up the hidden door.
  • Head over the low wall and press forward.
  • Khaliset will be taunting Bayek and attacking him from a distance with her bow.
  • Go a little slower with your shield raised in defense to avoiding taking damage from the arrows she will be firing at you.
  • Be careful because the arrows are on fire.
  • Khaliset has at least 1 fire trap during the short 3rd encounter.
  • Continue through the passage and head back outside at the end of it.

  • Outside, the real battle with Khaliset, the Hyena, will begin.
  • She begins close to Bayek, but uses a Smoke Bomb to quickly relocate elsewhere with her Hyenas.
  • There will also be a sandstorm blowing for this whole fight, limiting visibility.
  • Finding and damaging Khaliset is going to be tricky.
  • Having the predator bow skill will make this a fight a bit easier at least.
  • You can usually get an idea of her location by watching for her fire arrows.
  • Dodge one or two to see where she is then fire an arrow in response or attempt to get close to her.
  • Getting her close to 50% will have her move in close and attempt to engage in melee.
  • This will call in at least 2-3 Alpha level hyenas that you will need to contend with.
  • Whenever you spot Khaliset, immediately attack her, leaving the Hyenas alone.
  • She will vanish after taking a few hits.
  • Do not save your adrenaline attacks for Khaliset, use them on the Hyenas who can repeatedly pounce on Bayek, pinning him down, making him an easy target.
  • Khaliset will not be at long range, most of the time, when she is below 50% health.
  • Watch the direction that the arrows are coming in at, or where the damage indicator is pointing.
  • You can rebuild your adrenaline attacks quickly and easily here.
  • If you get the chance to use an adrenaline attack on Khaliset, do so, it does very heavy damage and can quickly bring the fight to its end.


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