Assassin's Creed Origins: Win the third round of the games - The Crocodile's Jaws

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Win the third round of the games is an objective in Assassin's Creed: Origins (ACO).



  • This round has Bayek fighting alone against a number of opponents.
  • Keep an eye on your footing since there is a lot of hazards scattered throughout the arena.
  • Watch out for the spike plates, open pits, and a few spinning spiked pillars.
  • The first wave has you fighting 4 soldiers: 1 Heavy, and 3 soldiers.
  • Stay mobile, attacking the heavy as often as you can from relative safety.
  • Use the hazards to your advantage as much as possible and push the soldiers into the traps to get extra damage on them.
  • The second wave will have you fighting more soldiers with all the hazards around the arena.
  • Once again, it is 2 soldiers and 1 Heavy with a shield.
  • 1 of the soldiers will have a shield and spear.
  • Use a Powered attack to quickly break the guard of the Heavy Soldier.
  • If possible, use an overpower attack after that to quickly defeat that foe.
  • The third wave has a Captain in addition to the usual 2 soldiers.
  • The soldiers have swords and bows
  • Focus on the Captain as much as possible.
  • Once again, use a charged attack to break their guard and then move in to attack with a combo attack.