Assassin's Creed Unity: 4 Phantom Blade Kills - The Kingdom of Beggars

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"4 Phantom Blade Kills" is an optional mission objective in Sequence 4 / Memory 01: The Kingdom of Beggars


There are numerous opportunities to use the Phantom Blade to get the various kills needed.

Phantom Blade Kills - The Kingdom of Beggars

The first set is just after you are told to tail La Touche. Take the ladder nearby where you first spot him and go up to the rooftops. There are 2 extremists there you can easily pick off quickly with it. However, taking this path, you will be counting on Eagle Vision. This makes for a very easy tail to his hideout.

The second set of kills becomes available after you have seen La Touche take shelter. Climb up to the height of the building that La Touche is in. Use the Phantom Blade to take out the guards who are on the outside of the building.

Phantom Blade Kills - The Kingdom of Beggars

The second one is very close by. Just turn to the right and keep looking down. Use the Quick Shot or aim and shoot him for the second kill.

Optional Objectives[edit]


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