Alarm bells sabotaged 0/2 is an optional mission objective in Assassin's Creed: Unity (ACU)

"Alarm bells sabotaged 0/2" is a mission objective in Sequence 12 / Memory 03: The Temple


Alarm bells sabotaged - The Temple

Head along the Western edge of the Restricted Zone. Deal with the guards nearby this part then look down into the courtyard below. You have a few Extremist to concern yourself with. One stands on the opposite side of the building you are hiding behind. Another patrols in front of the alarm bell. Start by moving into position to take out the Extremist on the far side of the building. This will remove him as a threat and work to bait in the other guards. Use the barrels as cover and clear out everyone who comes to investigate the dead body. When it is clear, sabotage the alarm bell.

Alarm bells sabotaged - The Temple

Continue to the East. Just past the nearby wall is a hay cart. Duck inside it when the patrolling Extremist is away from it. Wait for him to come back and take him out. He will lean on the cart for a long time, giving you an ample window to eliminate him. Look to the East. You will see there are 2 Extremists patrolling over there. Wait for them to turn around. Head to the Northeast and take cover behind the cart nearby. Wait there and one of the Brutes will head right past you. Watch out for the Sniper who is also patrolling under the archway. He is very easy to see using Eagle Vision. Move up to the archway and use Stealth to slip through this part undetected. Be sure to also watch for the other guards in the area. It does help to eliminate the other patrolling Extremists, but by no means is necessary.

Alarm bells sabotaged - The Temple

The Eastern courtyard has the second alarm bell. Just like the other, it is fairly well guarded. Also, like the other Alarm Bell, there is a hay cart you can use. Wait for the patrolling Extremists to turn away from it. When they do you will want to slip inside it. Use this observe the patrolling guards. Take out the one who comes back to the hay cart. When the other patrolling guard turns away, and the Sniper is not looking, make your way stealthily over to the cover nearby the bell. Take out the Extremist when they come back to the hiding spot. From there just slip out of there and head around to the nearby Alarm Bell. Approach and disable it.

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