Arno Victor Dorian. A French-Austrian Assassin

Brief Biography[edit]

Arno Victor Dorian was born in 1768 to a Austrian Mother and French Father. He was raised in Versailles, one of the smaller towns just outside of Paris.

In 1776, his parents were murdered by unknown perpetrators. He was adopted by a family friend. Some time later, this man met a similar fate.

In 1789 Arno joined the Assassin Order. He was determined to find and avenge those who had struck down his family.


Arno remains wracks with guilt over the death of his parents and his adoptive father. Beyond that he is fairly witty, brash and very charismatic. When confronted in battle he was described as ruthless and efficient.


Armor and Attire:

Dark Blue Hooded Cloak, Waist Coat, Breeches with Leather gaiters.


Phantom Blade
Phantom Blade
French Cutlass
French Cutlass
Multi-Barrel Pistol
Multi-Barrel Pistol

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