Chase the militiaman is a mission objective in Assassin's Creed Unity: Dead Kings (ACU:DK)

"Chase the militiaman" is a mission objective in Dead Kings / Memory 01: Buried Words


Give the Militia man a minute to compose himself (as he tries to find a way out). He is going to be occasionally calling for help until Arno reveals himself. At that point you will need to give chase.

Chase the militiaman - Buried Words

The target will run through the door on the left. Get over to it and head down the stairs. At the bottom he will go left again. Run after him through the next room. He will make another left after that, go down the stairs and then turn to the right. Turn to the left in the next room and chase after him. He will go and jump down into a lower room. The problem he encounters is in his landing.

Chase the militiaman - Buried Words

Optional Objectives[edit]


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