"Gather Clues" is a mission objective in Murder Mystery / Blind Justice



Clue Gathering is a mission objective in Assassin's Creed Unity: Dead Kings (ACU:DK)

The street is the starting location for this Murder Mystery. There are a total of 3 clues to found in this area.

Clue 1 - The Body of the victim[edit]

Gather Clues - Blind Justice

"The victim has been moved behind a cart. His eyes have been savagely gouged out."

This is the starting clue. Just tells the location and an unusual detail to the murder.

Clue 2 - Broken Glass[edit]

Gather Clues - Blind Justice

"A broken bottle of wine. There is blood on the edge of some shards."

The second clue is just to the West of the body. Just past the tree to the West of it you will see some blood on the ground. Head over to it and interact to get the second clue.

Gather Clues - Blind Justice

Clue 3 - The witness[edit]

Gather Clues - Blind Justice

Turn to the South. You will see a guard that is nearby that you can talk to. Do so to learn a little about what has happened.

The Guard can be accused.

Arno: "Did you see what happened?"

Guard: "An artist called out and the corpse was there."

Arno: "Can anyone tell me more?"

Guard: "There was a third man. He said the gendarmes would want to speak to him and ran off."

Arno: "Where?"

Guard: "He works in the bakery one street over. You could go there."


Clue Gathering is a mission objective in Assassin's Creed Unity: Dead Kings (ACU:DK)

To the West of the Street you will find the Square. There are 2 Clues to be found here.

Clue 1 - Performer[edit]

Gather Clues - Blind Justice

Head to the middle of the Square. You will see a Performer dancing. Go and talk with him to learn a little more about what happened.

The performer can be accused

Arno: "What happened in the street?"

Performer: "One less customer. How unfortunate."

Arno: "Did you see who committed the crime?"

Performer: "No. I was focused on my performance."

Clue 2 - A crumpled paper[edit]

Gather Clues - Blind Justice

Head to the West from the Performer and look toward the ground. Just beyond the crowd there is a wall. Behind that you will find a note.

Gather Clues - Blind Justice

"Some sort of cryptic poetry: 'They SEE me! They SEE me NOT!'"


Clue Gathering is a mission objective in Assassin's Creed Unity: Dead Kings (ACU:DK)

To the South of the Square you will find the Bakery. There is 1 clue to be found here.

Clue - The baker[edit]

There is only one clue here, the Baker. Head over to him and talk with him.

Arno: "Your friend told me I could find you here. Did you witness the murder?"

Baker: "(Absolutely!) The circus man, the artist. My friend has left, yes?"

Arno: "He was near the corpse."

Baker: "Then he is in danger!"


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