Cover Kills is a mission objective in Assassin's Creed: Unity (ACU)

"Cover Kills" is a mission objective in Sequence 8 / Memory 02: September Massacres


Cover Kills - September Massacres

The easiest way to set up for a complete run is to head to the West of the starting point of this mission. Drop down to the bank of the river. Look to the North and you will see the entrance for a sewer. Follow the sewer over to the left. Take the ladder you find up. This will bring you inside the building where Rouille has holed up. Take the stairs up. This will put you behind a pair of guards. Approach them from behind and perform a double assassination on them.

Cover Kills - September Massacres

Now head out the open window to the North and jump over to the open window to the West. If you want to complete the Assistance Opportunity, you now have a chance. This will bring you into a prison cell block with 2 Extremists inside it with a bit of cover for you to work with. First, take cover behind the stone circle and wait for the Extremist to move over to you to get the first cover kill. Quickly head to the nearby crates after that. The second extremist will have been dragging a body along the ground. Wait for him to get close to the crates and then kill him.

Cover Kills - September Massacres

Head to the North now. You will find a third extremist who is dozing against some barrels. Sneak over to him and take cover against the same barrels. This lets you get a quick third cover kill without much trouble. Another cover kill opportunity can be found in the middle of this room as well. There is another patrolling Extremist who can easily be picked off with the right timing and using teh nearby stone circle.

Optional Objectives[edit]


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