Crypt - Clues 0/2 is a mission objective in Assassin's Creed Unity: Dead Kings (ACU:DK)

"Crypt - Clues 0/2" is a mission objective in Stories of Franciade / Last Will


There are 2 clues to be found here.

Clue 1[edit]

Crypt Clues - Last Will

The first is the cross on the wall nearby the crypt of Abbot Suger.

Crypt Clues - Last Will

"Freshly engraved, bearing the words: "Dieu Resistant in Pentiere".

Clue 2[edit]

Crypt Clues - Last Will

Look at the foot the skeleton of Abbot Suger. If you use Eagle Vision, you will see a scrap of paper sitting there.

Crypt Clues - Last Will

"We, the congregation of Dieu Resistant in Panetiere, had to appoint ourselves guardians over the Abbot's last will.

"We welcome the faithful in these dire times, exempt of God, exempt of justice.

"The Panetiere congregation shall lead the penitent to God's hidden house.

"In nomine patris, et filii, et spiritus santi, Amen."


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