Cut the ropes is a mission objective in Assassin's Creed: Unity (ACU)

"Cut the ropes" is a mission objective in Sequence 9 / Memory 03: The Escape


Arno and Elise need to escape this area. To this end, they rush and find a balloon. Elise quickly climbs in and asks Arno to cut the balloon free while she covers him. Throughout this part, try to keep the fighting to a minimum. It is very easy to get overwhelmed but good parry work can stop the worst from happening.

Cut the ropes - The Escape

Immediately in front of you is the first rope. Just run over to it and interact with it. This will have Arno slice through it.

Cut the ropes - The Escape

Head over to the Southeastern side. This is the second rope you should be slicing through.

Cut the ropes - The Escape

Go to the Southern portion of the courtyard. This is the final rope. Cut it and events will move forward.

Optional Objectives[edit]


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