Assassin's Creed Unity: Don't get into conflict - The Fall of Robespierre

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Don't get into conflict is a mission objective in Assassin's Creed: Unity (ACU)

"Don't get into conflict" is a mission objective in Sequence 12 / Memory 02: The Fall of Robespierre


As you approach Robespierre, it is a good idea to take to the rooftops. This will keep you out of the line of fighting. Just follow the path to the East. If you keep to the Rooftops you will have no trouble getting through without getting into any fights.

Getting at Robespierre without getting into a fight takes a lot of lockpicks, some patience and stealth.

Head for the rooftops to the North of the building that Robespierre went into it. Head to the Southeast along the edges of the plaza in front of the building.

Find Robespierre - The Fall of Robespierre

Continue to the East. This will let you approach the Southern edge of the Restricted Zone with your target. You will find an alarm bell in this area, move toward it. This also removes most of the Extremists that would otherwise be in your way.

Find Robespierre - The Fall of Robespierre

Kill the Extremist nearby the alarm bell then climb up the wall at the far corner. As you reach the top, watch for the Sniper. Get him with a ledge assassination.

Doors lockpicked - The Fall of Robespierre

Head to the Northeast and drop down to the adjacent, lower, balcony. Look to the Southeast. You will see a pair of Extremists talking. You can either head out onto the rooftop above them and take them out with an aerial assassination or lob a cherry bomb beyond them. Either one will give you a chance to slip through the window that is nearby them. Take out the Extremist nearby the door. Quick lockpick the door and head through.

Find Robespierre - The Fall of Robespierre

Head to the West and carefully through the next room. Head to either door in front of you. You have to deal with three more Extremists in this room. Two of the Extremists are Stationary while the Brute moves North to South between the windows in the room. use the Northern door and lob a cherry bomb into the nearby doorway. This will lure the patrolling brute out of your way and let you easily dispatch the Southern guard. After that, quickly head into the nearby door to trigger the final cutscene of this memory.

Optional Objectives[edit]


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