"Don't trigger any alarms" is an optional mission objective in Sequence 9 / Memory 02: Hoarders


Defend the merchant - Hoarders

Head over to the right of the starting point. Go over to the post and look down. You will see 2 people holding up a merchant. Take them out with some Phantom Blades or a quick Aerial Assassination and then fighting the remaining person. Interact with the merchant and he will start moving.

Defend the merchant - Hoarders

Follow the merchant as he moves into position. Keep with him as he moves through this area. First, stay on the right-hand side. There will be 2 Extremists waiting a bit down the road. When they take notice of the merchant, move in and deal with them. There are 2 more pairs that will come after you. One of the other. Take them out and the merchant will be able to get into position. After 90 seconds, he will start sending up the fireworks. This works to provide a great distraction for you.

Head to the left of the starting point. You will find a couple who are talking to each other. This will trigger the Assistance opportunity. If you have Advanced Lockpicking skills you can make it over to the cell and pick the lock. Otherwise, find and steal the key from the warden.

Lockpick or steal a key - Hoarders

Start climbing up the nearby wall. Wait for the nearby Sniper to come over to the railing. Get them with a ledge assassination. Climb up onto the walkway and start going to the left. Inside the nearby room is another guard. Take them out and continue along the wall. You will find another Sniper patrolling this section. The target with the key to the cell wanders between the two cells they have the key for. Use a Cherry Bomb to draw the attention of the patrolling guard away from the cells. Just slip up behind him after that and either pick his pocket or take him out and loot the body.

With the key in hand head over to both of the cells in turn. Open them up and the prisoners will spill out and start attacking the guards in the plaza you are in.

Rescue Thomas Levesque - Hoarders

From the cells climb up onto the wall you were on and then head over to the left. This will lead you to the way up to the next level of the house. Climb on up and turn to the left.

Rescue Thomas Levesque - Hoarders

Head along the ledge over to the left. There is an open window that is periodically checked on by a guard. Either get over there while they are not looking for quickly remove them with a careful Phantom Blade shot. Follow the rooftop until it turn to the left. Go to the far side and head down to the open window. You will hear Thomas asking to be set free. Head over to the door and unlock it. It is an Advanced lock so it can be tricky without some skill in lockpicking. Open the door from this side and then step off into the shadows. This will let the freed Husband run off and draw away most of the nearby guards.

Hoarders Assassinate

With the optional objectives complete, it is time to hunt down Marie Levesque. She is found in the main hall of her house. From where you found her husband, head into the main hallway and deal with the remaining guard. Look to the North. There is likely a second Brute there. Take him down with a run up assassination or a shot from the Phantom Blade. Go to the next locked door in the hallway. Use Eagle Vision to ensure the guard on the other side is looking or walking away before you break through here.

Hoarders Assassinate

Turn to the left once inside the next room. There is one Sniper watching over the ballroom where you will find your target. For now, take him out. After that, take cover and use the camera to look at the ballroom below you.

Hoarders Assassinate

You need to wait a while. Your target has high observation skills so it is very important to stay in stealth cover to avoid being spotted and triggering an alarm. When your target gets below you, hop onto the rail and quickly go in for an aerial assassination. Take a little time to aim for your target and ensure you have Marie targeted instead of either of her guards.

Escape the area - Hoarders

Start running after the assassination cinematic for the Western door. Head toward the window you see. As you get close to it, the wall on your left will end. Immediately make a sharp U-Turn. This will put you on the stairs leading back up to the second floor. At the top of the stairs, turn to the right. Head through the open door you find there (this is where Thomas was held). This gives you a quick exit outside. Run straight out from the window. Avoid getting any guards to notice you and it is a simple escape.

Optional Objectives[edit]


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