Double Air Assassinations 0/3 is an optional mission objective in Assassin's Creed: Unity (ACU)

"Double Air Assassinations 0/3" is an optional mission objective in Sequence 12 / Memory 03: The Temple


Find Germain - The Temple

From the starting point, free run down to street level. When you hit the street, head straight across. Climb up the wall and onto the tower. Get to the rooftop of the small tower. On the wall side, below you, you will spot a pair of guards. They make for an easy Double Air Assassination. Clear out the nearby Snipers with Phantom Blade shots. Now take out the pair of guards.

Find Germain - The Temple

Turn Northward, sneak up the stairs on the left-hand side and take cover at the barrels. There is a pair of brutes that patrol around here. Wait for them to approach then turn around. Go over to the nearby wall on the right and climb up it. Be cautious with this pair because either of them can get caught on objects. Take them out when they pass by.

Find Germain - The Temple

Now head Southward. Go back to the tower and head over to the barrels there. Take cover and wait for the nearby guard to pass by. When they turn toward the wall, take him out. Head to the South and go behind the crates on the left at the top of the stairs. Take cover and kill the guard on the other side. Now, watch and wait. Another pair of Extremist patrolling. Wait for them to move away. Climb up the nearby building and wait for them to come back. When they do, get them. This will complete the Double Air Assassination challenge

Optional Objectives[edit]


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