Double Assassination 0/2 is a mission objective in Assassin's Creed: Unity (ACU)

"Double Assassination 0/2" is a mission objective in Sequence 6 / Memory 02: Templar Ambush


Once you have defended Elise in the Hedge Maze then this objective will become active. It is will only be available until you make your way out of the maze. Look for the various pairs of Extremists that are found around the area. There are at least 6 pairs that are spaced well for Double Assassinations. It helps to use Cherry Bombs and Smoke Bombs to create the needed opportunities.

Double Assassination - Templar Ambush

One pair of guards that are easily taken out are found to the Southeast. Head into the hedge maze, take the first left and go to the first corner to the right. Look around it to spot the pair of Extremists. Throw a Cherry Bomb past them or a Smoke Bomb at them to distract them and give you a chance to get a double assassination.

Double Assassination - Templar Ambush

Keeping on this side head over to the Eastern side of the maze. In the Northeastern corner you will find a pair of Extremists. Take them with some careful work. Make your way to the West after that. When you get to where you can easily see the Tower, turn to the North. From there you can simply head North to make it out of the Maze.

Optional Objectives[edit]


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