Helix System is an Absetergo Entertanment System in Assassin's Creed: Unity (ACU)

The Helix System makes the past your playground. This is powered by the Animus Technology and produced by Abstergo.


The Tragedy of Jacques De Molay

The Tragedy of Jacques De Molay

"Triumph of the Borgias"

Triumph of the Borgias

"The Lone Eagle"

The Lone Eagle

"Murder in the Levant"

Murder in the Levant

"The Emperor's Shadow"

The Emperor's Shadow

"Fear and Loathing in Florence"

Fear and Loathing in Florence

"Washington and the Wolf"

Washington and the Wolf

"The Liberation of Lady Aveline"

The Liberation of Lady Aveline

"Devils of the Caribbean"

Devils of the Caribbean

"The Bladed Cross"

The Bladed Cross

"Jazz Age Junks"

Jazz Age Junks

"Hell in Hibernia"

Hell in Hibernia

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