Kill the Assassin is a mission objective in Assassin's Creed: Unity (ACU)

"Kill the Assassin" is a mission objective in the Prologue / Memory 0: The Tragedy of Jacues De Molay


Time to learn the basics of combat in this game. You are prompted to parry the first few incoming attacks. Just watch for the assassin to start swinging at you. Hit the prompted button when you see that. Your avatar will block the incoming attack. After that, press the advantage and attack him. You just need to drain down his life bar once. When you do, he will drop a flash bomb and run off. Head to the North and start running down the street in front of you:

Kill the Assassin

Follow him to the next bend in the street. He will turn and fight you again. This time you are introduced to the Dodge mechanic. Just watch for him to begin his attack then hit the prompted button. Once again, begin your assault after that point. Hit him until you drain his life bar. After that, a cutscene will run and Esquieu de Floyrac will blast him with the Relic Sword that he stole. Just watch the cutscene that runs after that. it will end the section for Esquieu de Floyrac. He will have dropped off the book and sword in safety only to be killed by an Assassin. Fate is not very kind to Jacues De Molay


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