Open the final gate is an objective in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla (ACV).



  • Turn to the East from the door and head toward the next gate.
  • Charge across the next yard to reach the final gate, which is blocked by a Woe-Bringer.
  • Take them on carefully, using dodges to slip through their attacks and guard to take them down.
  • With that path open, head over to the East, along the ridge in front of the heart of the fortress.
  • Go to the end of it to find a bit of slope and a flag pole.
  • There is also a cart in a position that can be used as a jump point to reach the inside of the final fortress.
  • On the inside, start making your way back to the West, fighting on through the foes that get in your way as you head toward the gate.
  • After that, break the lock and open the gate to clear the way for your clan to start coming in.