Assassin's Creed III: Blacksmith Homestead Mission Deserter

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Completing the Homestead Quest "Deserter" unlocks the Blacksmith, Big Dave.

Deserter is a Homestead Mission (Blacksmith) in Assassin's Creed III


[edit] Artisans

Big Dave

[edit] Artisan Type


[edit] Unlocks Artisan Level

Level 1

[edit] Unlocks Building

Davenport Homestead - Big Dave's House

[edit] Sequence Available

Sequence 08

[edit] Starting Location

SW part of John's Town region in the Frontier. See map below.

[edit] How to Start Homestead Blacksmith Mission

Approach the area where Big Dave is surrounded by Redcoats and engage them

[edit] Map


[edit] Objectives

Help Big Dave

[edit] Walkthrough

Kill the Red Coats surrounding Big Dave to trigger a cinematic and complete the mission.

[edit] Dialog

Connor: Are you hurt?

Big Dave: Nothing to worry about. Thank you stranger.

Connor: What were they doing to you?

Big Dave: This lot was dragging me over the country side trying to make an example of a deserter. Sorry... who are you?

Connor: Connor. A deserted you say...

Big Dave: I don't much agree with the fight, and I love this country. So there you have it. Name's David Walston. My friends call me "Big Dave". Might I ask where you live so that I can repay the debt when I'm able? Might take me a while, us smithers don't earn much coin these days.

Connor: Our community is not far from here, and we could certainly use the services of a Smith. Would you consider applying your trade there?

Big Dave: Well it'll make repaying you a lot easier. I just might.

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