Assassin's Creed III: Blacksmith Homestead Mission The Proper Tools

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Big Dave wants you to buy some items for him so that he can craft the knife Norris wants to gift to Myriam

The Proper Tools is a Homestead Mission (Blacksmith) in Assassin's Creed III


[edit] Artisans

Big Dave

[edit] Artisan Type


[edit] Unlocks Artisan Level

Level 2

[edit] Unlock Message

Big Dave can now craft higher quality goods and materials

[edit] Building

Davenport Homestead - Big Dave's House

[edit] Sequence Available

Sequence 09

[edit] Starting Location

Big Dave's House. See map below.

[edit] How to Start Homestead Blacksmith Mission

Talk to Big Dave

[edit] Map


[edit] Objectives

Find both pieces of Dave's new hammer in New York

[edit] Walkthrough

After talking to Big Dave, fast travel to New York and enter one of the General Stores. Try the one in the east, or in the center. Then take the tools to Big Dave back where the mission started.

The two hammer pieces you need are under "Citizen Mission Items"

Buy the following:

Ebony Hammer Handle

Hardened Steel Hammer Head

[edit] Dialog

Norris: How is it coming, Big Dave? Did you make any new progress on the knife? I would like to get it to Myriam soon

Big Dave: The Steel Norris smelted is something else. I've rarely seen such fine metal. The problem is, my old tools aren't properly working. The ones I need aren't hard to find, there is a shop or two in New York that sell them for a good price. I'd do it myself, but with the regulars after my head, I'll stay here in safety.

Connor: I have matters to attend to in New York. I will see to it the next time I journey there.

Big Dave: Sounds Good

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