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Prudence Milking a Cow. One of the activities you can scan in "Encyclopedia of the Common Man".

Encyclopedia of the Common Man is a Homestead Mission (Achilles Mission) in Assassin's Creed III


[edit] Start NPC


[edit] Sequence Available

Sequence 06

[edit] Starting Location

Davenport Homestead Manor

[edit] How to Start Encyclopedia Mission

Speak with Achilles

[edit] Map


[edit] Progress Updates

You can check the status of the mission in your logbook

[edit] In Progress Recording Status

Inhabitant Recorded: Blacksmith [1/3]

Inhabitant Recorded: Doctor [1/3]

Inhabitants Recorded: Farmers [1/3]

Inhabitant Recorded: Huntress [1/3]

Inhabitants Recorded: Innkeepers [1/3]

Inhabitants Recorded: Lumberers [1/3]

Inhabitant Recorded: Miner [1/3]

Inhabitant Recorded: Tailor [1/3]

Inhabitant Recorded: Woodworker [1/3]

[edit] Recording Completed Status

Blacksmiths entry completed. Log updated in the Manor.

Doctors entry completed. Log updated in the Manor.

Farmers entry completed. Log updated in the Manor.

Hunters entry completed. Log updated in the Manor.

Innkeepers entry completed. Log updated in the Manor.

Lumberers entry completed. Log updated in the Manor.

Miners entry completed. Log updated in the Manor.

Tailors entry completed. Log updated in the Manor.

Woodworkers entry completed. Log updated in the Manor.

[edit] Scannable Characters

Blacksmith, Doctor, Farmer , Huntress, Innkeeper, Lumberer , Miner, Tailor, Woodworker

[edit] Walkthrough

Hold L1/LT to ANALYZE inhabitants and add information on them to the Encyclopedia of the Common Man. You get this quest in Sequence 6, but you cannot complete it in the same sequence. You complete it gradually throughout the game. You will need to scan the various citizens of the homestead while they are doing certain activities. You will probably need to visit each inhabitant more than once to catch him/her in an activity that you can scan, so keep going back to them whenever you have a chance and check if they are doing any of the actions listed below.

You need to scan three activities for each character. If you attempt to scan a fourth activity, you will get the message "Entry already completed for this worker. Consult the log in the Manor"

You can use Eagle Vision to help determine if a target is scannable. Scannable targets will glow gold. Blue means not scannable. Or see list of activities below, and initiate scanning as soon as you see them performing such activity.

You can reset the inhabitants by fast travelling. This does not guarantee they will be performing a new activity when you return to them, but does help to speed the process up. Also, quitting the game entirely & returning to it will reset the time of day to morning. This is useful because once it is night, none of the inhabitants will be out performing scannable activities. Once you're down to one or two inhabitants remaining, it is often easier to just follow them around from morning until night. Most characters will perform three activities within a day, allowing you to quickly get through the encyclopedia.

[edit] List of Activities to Scan

Below are all the Scannable workers and the list of activities to record. Click on each activity for more details including screenshot of how the NPC looks like while performing the activity:

[edit] Miner

Norris lighting a lantern

Norris mining

Miners fixing wall

Norris panning for gold

[edit] Doctor

Lyle picking herbs

Lyle Playing Bowls

Lyle sitting and contemplating

Lyle telling myrian and Norris that Norris found iron ore

Taking measurements with Ellen

[edit] Farmers

Prudence Milking a Cow

Prudence Baking Bread

Warren Plowing a Field

Prudence Chopping Up Wheat

Warren Works the Windmill

Warren feeds the chickens

Prudence Watering the Vegetable Patch

[edit] Hunters

Myriam hunting

Myriam cleaning weapon

Myriam near bonfire

Myriam cooking

Myriam skins the deer left side of camp

Myriam gives Ellen stack of materials @ Ellen's Shop

[edit] Innkeepers

Oliver idle behind bar

Oliver Butchering a Pig

Oliver Trampling Grapes

Oliver Pitching Hay

Corrine Roasting Deer

Corrine Cow Grinding

[edit] Lumberers

Terry and Godfrey unloading cart

Terry and Godfrey Sawing

Terry playing Bowls with the Doctor

Godfrey with the Woodworker

Terry and Godfrey Splitting Wood

Lumberer's Wife Churning Butter

[edit] Tailor

Ellen sewing on a dummy

Ellen sewing a quilt

Ellen taking Doctor's measurements

Ellen working on a chair

Ellen washing clothes

[edit] Woodworker

Lance Inspecting a Fence

Lance falling off his chair

Lance Planing Wood

Lance with a client

[edit] Blacksmith

Big Dave sharpening a tool

Big Dave fixing wheel

Big Dave forging

Big Dave shoeing

[edit] Achievement/Trophy Unlocked

An Extraordinary Man - Complete the Encyclopedia of the Common Man.

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