Assassin's Creed III: Farmer Homestead Mission Prudence's Primrose

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Defend Primrose from this bear in the mission "Prudence's Primrose".

Prudence's Primrose is a Homestead Mission (Farmer) in Assassin's Creed III


[edit] Artisans



[edit] Artisan Type


[edit] Unlocks Artisan Level

Level 2

[edit] Unlock Message

Vegetables and other farm produce now available from the farmers.

[edit] Building

Davenport Homestead Farm

[edit] Sequence Available

Sequence 06

[edit] Starting Location

Their Farm. See map below.

[edit] How to Start Homestead Farmer Mission

Talk to Warren

[edit] Map


[edit] Objectives

Take Warren to the edge of the forest

Track Prudence

Track Prudence in the woods.

Defend Prudence from the Bear

Carry Prudence back home

[edit] Walkthrough

After talking to Warren, head SE towards the green marker. Enter the green zone, and use Eagle Vision to help you find the clues. You will need to find 3 clues: A Primrose, A Piece of Cloth, and a Flower Bag. After finding all three clues, kill the Bear that's attacking Prudence by following the on-screen prompts. Then carry Prudence back home.

[edit] Dialog

Warren: Thank god you are here! Prudence is missing. She went out to gather some things this morning and never returned! I'm worried sick. What if she's hurt?

Connor: I will find her

Warren: The dog might help track her down. He has a good nose.

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