Assassin's Creed III: Innkeeper Homestead Mission Room at the Inn

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Completing the Homestead Quest "Room at the Inn" unlocks the Innkeepers, and this Inn: Mile's End Inn.

Room at the Inn is a Homestead Mission (Innkeeper) in Assassin's Creed III


[edit] Artisans



[edit] Artisan Type


[edit] Unlocks Artisan Level

Level 1

[edit] Unlocks Building

Mile's End Inn

[edit] Sequence Available

Sequence 07

[edit] Starting Location

Davenport Homestead. Head to marker on map (See below). Find a group of people in the woods around a campfire.

[edit] How to Start Homestead Innkeeper Mission

Talk to the people standing around the camp fire

[edit] Map


[edit] Objectives

Help Oliver and Corrine with an investment of 1000 Pounds

[edit] Walkthrough

This mission is easy. Just talk to Oliver after the cutscene and give Oliver 1,000 Pounds to complete this Homestead Innkeeper Mission

[edit] Dialogue

Godfrey: Connor! This here is Oliver and that is Corinne. Great people. Ollie! This is Connor, the man I was talking about! The LORD of the Manor!

Oliver: We were passing through is all and met some of your townsfolk. They were thirsty and we had some barrels in the back and...

Connor: I am no lord and these are my friends, not my townsfolk. What brings you to the road with a cart full of spirits for sale?

Oliver: We were inn keepers until the King took our inn for some military such and such and left us out on our round parts.

Norris: Hey, you should settle here. We could use an inn. Oup!

Myriam: Good idea!

Oliver: We would! But without the inn itself we don't have much choice and building one isn't cheap.

Connor: We certainly have a need for something of the sort. I will speak with my friends and see what we can do about building ourselves one. If it can be arranged, would you consider ending your search here?

Corrine: Of course, Ollie! We'll have an inn again!

Connor: This should suffice

Oliver: Thank you! You won't regret this Connor, we promise!

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